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History of Mathematics SIGMAA (fwd)

Dear Colleague,

It's my great privilege to announce that the MAA has approved the
formation of a Special Interest Group in the History of Mathematics.
The purpose of HOMSIGMAA, the History of Mathematics Special Interest
Group of the Mathematical Association of America, is to promote research
in the history of mathematics and support the use of history in the
teaching of mathematics. Specific objectives include:

   1. Facilitating discussion among mathematicians, historians and
        mathematics educators at all levels, regarding history of
        mathematics and its uses in teaching.
   2. Encouraging a greater role within the MAA for historians of
        mathematics and mathematicians doing research in the history
        of mathematics.
   3. Enhancing historical resources, curricular materials, and services
      available to mathematics educators.
   4. Providing a forum for curriculum development and reform to promote
      the use of history in the teaching of mathematics.
   5. Providing a forum for communication among mathematicians,
        historians, and mathematics educators.

More information on HOMSIGMAA, including the Group's charter, may be
found at:


HOMSIGMAA will hold annual meetings every January, in conjunction with
the Joint Mathematics Meeting.

The inaugural meeting of HOMSIGMAA will take place on Tuesday, January
8, 2002, at 5:00 at the San Diego meeting, room 17B.  There will be a
brief business meeting, followed immediately by a wine and cheese
reception.  If you will be attending the San Diego meeting, please
join us for this important event.

During the business meeting, an interim Executive Committee for 2002
will be appointed.  In addition, we will seek members for a three-person
nominating committee.  This committee will solicit nominations and
volunteers from the membership for the first elected Executive Committee

If you are interested in serving on the interim Exec or on the
nominating committee, or if you have any suggestions or comments on
the direction of HOMSIGMAA, please contact me at:



Rob Bradley
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