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conference in honor of Mycielski (fwd)

Conference in Honor of Jan Mycielski

			      June 1-2, 2002

			     Boulder Colorado

			    First announcement

	 Subject: Foundations of Mathematics
	 Location: Math Building, University of Colorado at Boulder
	 Talks: Benson Earth Sciences Building (just west of the
					 Math Building), Room 180
	 Dates of talks: Saturday June 1, and Sunday June 2, 2002
	 Organizers: Rich Laver and Walter Taylor
	 Conference address: jmconf@euclid.colorado.edu
	 Conference URL: http://euclid.colorado.edu/~jmconf/main.html

 This conference will honor Jan Mycielski on the occasion of
 his seventieth birthday, and celebrate his retirement from the
 University of Colorado after 34 years of service.

 The subject of the conference is understood to include all of
 Jan's wide mathematical interests --  logic, paradoxical
 decompositions, quantum mechanics, set theory, philosophy
 of mathematics, theory of games, models of learning and the
 brain, to name only the most central of them.

 Regrettably, without parallel sessions, and with only two
 days, the number of talks has been kept small, and there
 are no further speaking slots open at this time. A tentative
 list of speakers may be found on the conference web page,
 mentioned above.

 Housing will be in local motels, hotels, inns, etc. Some motels
 are an easy walking distance from the math building. There is
 a convenient circulator bus (every 10 minutes) that connects
 the Math Building to the downtown area, where one may find
 a wider choice of accommodations. Participants should make their
 own arrangements directly with their hotel or motel. In due
 course, the web-page will include further information on
 housing, transportation, parking, and so on. (If you lose
 the URL, remember that there are links from the CU Mathematics
 Department page, and from the AMS Meetings Calendar.)

 The conference fee will be kept minimal. Participants will be
 expected to pay their own way for any special events such as a
 banquet (although funding might be obtained to defray such costs).

 The first week of June is a lovely time in Boulder. Hiking along the
 mesas and foothills -- especially right near Boulder -- is at its
 best, with abundant wildflowers. It is also a fine time to visit
 Colorado by car.

 If you would like further mailings, please reply to us at the
 conference address (above). Of course, we ask you to please let
 us know of any corrections to your email address. For purposes
 of planning, e.g., a banquet, we would also find it useful to
 learn your probability of attending. (If you would be interested
 in coming only to a banquet, we would like to hear that, also.)

 We would of course appreciate your sharing this information with
 anyone who might be interested. If you have access to a mailing
 list that is appropriate, we would appreciate your putting a
 brief message on that list, as well. If you can place a link
 to our website on an appropriate electronic board, that would also
 be appreciated.