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CfA: PhD position (mostly) theoretical Computer Science, Birmingham (UK), deadline: (funding) 1 December 2023

* Imminent funding deadline (1 December) - please contact us immediately if you are interested. *

Dear all,

We invite applications for PhD study at the University of Birmingham.  

We are a group of (mostly) theoretical computer scientists who explore fundamental concepts in computation. Our work includes category theory, computational complexity, programming language semantics, proof theory, type theory, verification and much else besides. 

See our webpage, with links to individual researchers, here:


Information about PhD applications may be found here:


If you are considering applying, please contact any of us. We will be very happy to discuss the opportunities available.

Best regards,

The Birmingham CS theory group, including:-

Benedikt Ahrens
Rajesh Chitnis
Anupam Das
Martín Escardó
Eric Finster
Dan Ghica
Mirco Giacobbe
Paul Levy
Sonia Marin
Sean Moss
Jakub Opršal
Vincent Rahli
Uday Reddy
Eike Ritter

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