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CfA: 1 of 5 postdocs - "Proof, Explanation, and Paradoxes" in the PRIN project PUMa: "Proof and understanding in mathematics. Purity of methods, simplicity, and explanation in mathematical reasoning", Milan (Italy), deadline: 02 December 2023

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The Philosophy Department at University Vita-Salute San Raffaele<https://www.unisr.it/en/offerta-formativa/filosofia>, Milan, invite applications of postdoctoral researchers in the field of logic and philosophy of mathematics for a period of 1 year (12 months) on the topic "Proof, Explanation, and Paradoxes" within the PRIN project PUMa: “Proof and understanding in mathematics. Purity of methods, simplicity, and explanation in mathematical reasoning".

The postdoc researcher will be supervised by Francesca Boccuni and will work on at least one of the following research topics:

1. the relation between paradoxes, comparison of logico-mathematical proofs thereof, and the explanatory role of such proofs, also with regards to different philosophical and logico-mathematical solutions;
2. the role of the notion of generic member of a class in proofs and its logico-philosophical status.

Gross income: 25000 euros per year.

Knowledge of Italian is not required.

Link to the call for applications (in Italian)<https://www.unisr.it/attachments/BANDO_DR_8455_2023/da3ee0ee-c6f5-4632-a4ed-f64536fee107/ed9a2cf3-47b0-4c73-ac8f-359a98879040.pdf>. https://www.unisr.it/attachments/BANDO_DR_8455_2023/da3ee0ee-c6f5-4632-a4ed-f64536fee107/ed9a2cf3-47b0-4c73-ac8f-359a98879040.pdf

Queries: boccuni.francesca@unisr.it<mailto:boccuni.francesca@unisr.it>

The researcher will also collaborate with the other postdocs hired in the project and the other members of the research group, and contribute to the project activities.

Further postdoc positions in the PUMa project:

Scuola Normale Superiore (PI: Mario Piazza) - call published soon: “Structural analysis of classical and non-classical proofs”: The research project will address topics in structural proof theory for classical logic and non-classical logics. In particular, the grantee will be required to conduct their research in these areas: 1) computational and quantitative aspects of proof semantics for classical and non-classical logics; 2) the relationship between extra-logical information and analyticity.

Queries: mario.piazza@sns.it<mailto:mario.piazza@sns.it>

IUSS, Pavia (PI: Andrea Sereni) - call published on November 7th 2023: “Definitions, Explanations, and Proofs”: The postdoctoral fellow will carry out his/her work as part of the research project "PUMa - Proof and understanding in mathematics. Purity of methods, simplicity, and explanation in mathematical reasoning." In particular, he/she will be expected to conduct his or her research on one or more of the following topics:
- the formal and epistemic role of definitions of logical-mathematical concepts, either in foundational projects or in pluralist and anti-exceptionalist views;
- the relationship between explanation and proof in mathematics, including their potential connections with other kinds of non-causal explanation;
- the epistemic and formal properties (such as purity, simplicity, economy, etc.) of mathematical explanations and proofs, including their potential relevance for formal explanations in theoretical syntax.

See also: https://titulus-iusspavia.cineca.it/albo

Queries: andrea.sereni@iusspavia.it<mailto:andrea.sereni@iusspavia.it>

University of Turin (PI: Matteo Plebani) - call published soon: “Proofs as truthmakers”: The central idea of recent work in truthmaker semantics is to model the meaning of a sentence as given by its truthmakers, i.e. the reasons why the sentence is true. The project will investigate how to apply this framework to mathematical language, taking proofs to play the role of truthmakers.

Queries: matteo.plebani@unito.it<mailto:matteo.plebani@unito.it>

University of Rome "Tor Vergata" (PI: Gabriele Pulcini) - call published on November 4th 2023: “Purity and simplicity of mathematical proofs”: The postdoctoral student is expected to carry out his research in the fields of proof-theory and philosophy of mathematics. In particular, the focus shall be on Hilbert's 24th problem concerning the possibility to devise logico-mathematical criteria for determining the simplest, given two demonstrations of the same theorem. The problem of the "purity of methods" in mathematics -- especially in connection with the one about the simplicity of proofs -- may be also considered as a central issue.

Queries: gabriele.pulcini@uniroma2.it<mailto:gabriele.pulcini@uniroma2.it>

Submissions to one position in the project does not preclude candidates from applying also to other postdoc positions in the same project.

Applications must be submitted online via PICA (https://pica.cineca.it/unisr/ass-fil-10/) from November 2nd  2023 to December 2nd 2023. Late applications will not be considered. The default starting date is February 1st 2024.

University Vita-Salute San Raffaele fosters diversity and is committed to equal opportunities. Women candidates, candidates from minoritized groups, and candidates with PhDs from non-Italian institutions are particularly encouraged to apply.


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