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CfA: Six Fully-funded PhD Positions in Theoretical Computer Science, University of Sheffield (UK), deadline: 30 November (soft)

The Foundation of Computation (FOX) group at the University of Sheffield, UK invites applications for up to six fully-funded PhD positions to work in the area of theoretical computer science.

The Foundation of Computation Group at Sheffield is one of the largest of its kind in the UK. The city of Sheffield is one of the major cities in the UK, yet 60% of it is green space. It’s a city that’s safe, affordable, creative and welcoming. Living here, one gets a vibrant big city feel as well as the space and adventure of the Peak District National Park which is (almost) on the doorstep:

The PhD positions are fully funded and also come with travel funding. We are looking for motivated students preferably with experience in one or more of the following topics: discrete mathematics, linear algebra, probability theory, and fundamentals of theoretical computer science, including algorithms, complexity, and logic.

Specific research areas that the group has expertise in include:
- Algorithms (incl. efficient, parameterised, approximation, randomised, linear programs, streaming, dynamic, and data structures)
- Computational complexity (incl. parameterised complexity, hardness of approximation, average-case complexity, fine-grained complexity)
- Logics in CS (incl. finite model theory, descriptive complexity, semantics & category theory, quantitative & probabilistic, temporal & modal, logic of random structures)
- Graph theory & finite combinatorics

The PhD positions will be supervised by the following member of the FOX group:

Dr. Harsh Beohar is broadly interested in comparative concurrency semantics and in the interplay of category theory, logic, and semantics. Current topics include expressive modal logics, behavioural equivalence games, synthesising distinguishing/characteristic formulae all at the level of coalgebras. See https://dblp.org/pid/13/7482.html for an up-to-date list of publications.

Dr. Andreas Emil Feldmann’s research interests lie in combinatorial optimization and revolves around parameterized approximation algorithms for problems in network design and clustering.

Dr. Charles Grellois is mainly interested in the verification of functional programs, would they be deterministic or probabilistic; mixing therefore techniques from verification with techniques originating from semantics.

Dr Joachim Spoerhase’s research interests lie in approximation algorithms for problems arising in clustering, network design, and geometric optimisation as well as the hardness of designing such algorithms.

Dr. Jonni Virtema’s research focuses on the complexity and expressivity of quantitative and probabilistics logics, and temporal logics for so-called hyperproperties, which have applications in information flow and security. A further emerging topic is to study foundations of neural networks using the machinery of logics and complexity theory related to numerical data. See http://www.virtema.fi/ for further details.

Dr. Maksim Zhukovskii is interested in combinatorics, probability, complexity, and logic. Currently Maksim is working on a variety of topics including extremal and probabilistic combinatorics, average-case complexity, random walks, logical limit laws. See https://www.maksimzhukovskii.com/ for the list of publications.

Documents you should submit when applying:
- Cover letter indicating your research interests,
- CV, and
- One recommendation letter.
We encourage you to name one or more members whom you would like to work with, or research areas you would like to work on

Please send your application and enquiries to theory-recruitment-group@sheffield.ac.uk<mailto:theory-recruitment-group@sheffield.ac.uk>

Soft deadline: 30th of November

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