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CfA: Postdoc ~3 years Metaphysics / Ontology / Phil Language / Logic, Vienna (Austria), deadline: 31 Oct 2023

Post-Doc (Wissenschaftliche:r Mitarbeiter:in), Fixed Term
The Department of Philosophy of the University of Vienna (Austria) is hiring a post-doc (wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter) for a fixed term.

AOS: Metaphysics & ontology, and/or the Philosophy of language & logic.

Historical research in the above areas is also welcome.

Research interests that overlap with those of Benjamin Schnieder and/or other members of Phlox Research Group (https://phloxgroup.wordpress.com) are desirable; as is the potential to contribute on ongoing research projects dealing with grounding, fundamentality, and truth-making. Further current research interests in the group include, e.g., issues in social metaphysics and ontology, fictionality, metaphysics from Leibniz to Kant, Bernard Bolzano’s philosophy, and more.

Duration of contract & starting date: The envisioned starting date is the 1st of April 2024. The position can be held for up to 35 months from that starting date (since the available funding is bound to this period, a later starting date would result in a shorter duration).

Salary: The basic salary is € 4.350/month gross (with possible bonuses for previous work experience). In Austria, salaries are paid out for 14 months per year. The net salary can vary dependent on different factors. The standard would be about € 40.000/year. (For more infromation, go here.)

Teaching load: Two classes per semester (each class having one session with 90 minutes per week).

Deadline for applications: 31st of October (the deadline may be extended, depending on how may applications come in by that date).
For the official job ad, including information on how to apply, go here:
Please note that applications must be made via the job portal of the University of Vienna.
Non-male candidates are especially encouraged to apply.

With kind regards,
Phlox Group.
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