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CfA: Postdoctoral Fellowships (2y) Logic in the Philosophy Department, Peking University (Beijing, China), Deadline: 21. Oct. 2023

The Department of Philosophy at Peking University welcomes applications for
 the university-funded 2-year "Boya" postdoctoral fellowship. We are happy 
to accept applications from anyone with research interests broadly related 
to philosophy+logic and sponsor them for the university-wide selection. Suc
cessful candidates will be able to pursue their independent research projec
ts and/or work closely with the logic faculty members and enjoy and enrich 
the broader intellectual environment at PKU. See http://postdocs.pku.edu.cn
/tzgg/d43685bfe0d74ef8a87a8252cf708023.htm for more information. 

Below is the current logic faculty (within the Department of Philosophy) li
st, in which the first two can serve as the postdoctoral supervisor for thi
s position: 

 - Taotao Xing (xtt@pku.edu.cn, philosophy of mathematics, Gdel studies)
 - Yanjing Wang (y.wang@pku.edu.cn, http://wangyanjing.com/)
 - Shengyang Zhong (zhongshengyang@163.com, https://www.researchgate.net/pr
 - Yifeng Ding (yf.ding@pku.edu.cn, https://voidprove.github.io/)
 - Bokai Yao (bokaiyao1@gmail.com, https://bokaiyao.com)
Making contact before application is not required.

Further eligibility: this fellowship is specifically for those who obtained
 their Ph.D. within 3 years and are under 35 (inclusive). 

Deadline: Fill in the first four sections of the application form (http://p
ostdocs.pku.edu.cn/docs//2023-01/1b242bdb547641b88142ab05870cc024.docx) and
 send it to Ms. Xu (xuqian81@pku.edu.cn) before Oct. 21, 2023. You should a
lso be prepared to have two recommendation letters sent to xuqian81@pku.edu
.cn before Nov. 1, 2023, one of which should be from your Ph.D. advisor.  

Notes on the application form: For section 3, describe what you take as you
r best academic work. For section 4, please outline a proposal for the rese
arch you plan to carry out during the postdoc. 

If you have questions about the fellowship, feel free to write to Yifeng Di
ng (yf.ding@pku.edu.cn).
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