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CfA: PhD position in Logic and Legal Reasoning, Vienna (Austria), Deadline: 30 November 2023

The research group Theory and Logic, Institute of Logic and Computation of 
the Vienna University of Technology is seeking an exceptionally talented an
d motivated student for a PhD position.

The position is embedded in the LoDEx project (Logical Methods for Deontic 
Explanations)<https://www.ruhr-uni-bochum.de/lodex/>, a joint project betwe
en TU Vienna (PI: Agata Ciabattoni), the University of Luxembourg (PI: Leon
 van der Torre), and the Ruhr-University Bochum (PI: Christian Straer).

This PhD position is a shared position with the University of Luxembourg: t
he candidate is expected to spend the first two years at TU Wien in Vienna 
and then two years in Luxembourg completing his/her PhD under a Cotutelle a
greement in the Computational Law and Machine Ethics (CLAiM) group at the U
niversity of Luxembourg.

*The Project.*

The candidate will be working as a member of the WEAVE project "Logical Met
hods for Deontic Explanations" (LoDEx). The project's general aim is to dev
elop formal frameworks for generating explanations in the normative context
. The frameworks will be applied to bioethics and legal reasoning, as case 

These explanations facilitate our comprehension of the underlying reasons f
or the application of specific norms within a particular context, illuminat
ing why adherence to these norms is crucial.

*The position.*

The PhD position focuses on advancing and applying logical methods for expl
anations in legal reasoning.

*Job requirements.*

The candidate should have familiarity with formal logic, ideally modal/deon
tic/epistemic/philosophical logics; and a basic affinity with and an intere
st in legal reasoning.

The candidate should have a degree in computer science, philosophy, logic, 
AI, or related subjects. Knowledge of German is not required. We welcome ca
ndidates with a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. We especially enco
urage candidates from underrepresented groups. For any queries, please cont
act Agata Ciabattoni (agata@logic.at<mailto:agata@logic.at>) and Rka Mar
kovich (reka.markovich@uni.lu<mailto:reka.markovich@uni.lu>).


The application should contain the following documents:

1. a letter of motivation explaining your interest in the position and your
 qualifications for it, 2. your curriculum vitae, 3. abstract in English of
 the applicant's master's thesis; 4. a complete list of completed studies a
nd transcripts of all grades, 5. a writing sample (such as a master thesis,
 or seminar paper), and 6. the contact details of at least two referees, wh
o can be contacted for a letter of reference

If you are interested, we invite you to apply before November 30th, 2023. I
nterviews will be held online shortly thereafter.

Please send your application to agata@logic.at<mailto:agata@logic.at> (cc t
o reka.markovich@uni.lu<mailto:reka.markovich@uni.lu>).

A further PhD position within the LoDEx project is offered by the Ruhr-Univ
ersity Bochum (cotutelle with the University of Luxembourg).

For more information, please visit: https://www.vcla.at/2023/10/phd-positio

Kind regards

Andrea Hackl, MA
Project Manager
Vienna Center for Logic and Algorithms

Technische Universitt Wien
Favoritenstrae 9-11, Stiege 3, 3. Stock, 1040 Wien

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