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CfA: Expressions of interests for two research fellowships positions in Statistics, Numerical Analysis, Logic, or Computer Science, Cagliari (Italy), Deadline: 31 October 2023

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Cagliari will shortly open calls for two research fellowships for 12 months within a multidisciplinary research project on the study of networks and graph structures.

We are seeking for candidates with a background in one of these topics:

  *   inferential statistics, statistical modeling (supervisor Silvia Columbu)
  *   numerical linear algebra (supervisors Caterina Fenu and Alessandro Buccini)
  *   logic (supervisor Stefano Bonzio)
  *   computer science and visualization (supervisor L Davide Spano)

Background in the analysis of networks under their different theoretical and applied aspects are highly valued.

The positions will be opened at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Cagliari.

The official calls will be advertised before the end of 2023, but we encourage potential interested applicants to get in touch with us to express their interest.

There is no specific deadline, but we encourage applicants to express their interest before October 31st, 2023.

Silvia Columbu (silvia.columbu@unica.it<mailto:silvia.columbu@unica.it>),

Caterina Fenu (kate.fenu@unica.it<mailto:kate.fenu@unica.it>),

Stefano Bonzio (stefano.bonzio@unica.it<mailto:stefano.bonzio@unica.it>),

Alessandro Buccini (alessandro.buccini@unica.it<mailto:alessandro.buccini@unica.it>),

Davide Spano  (davide.spano@unica.it<mailto:davide.spano@unica.it>)

Brief description of the project


GraphNet: models, computation and estimation in networks and graph analysis is an interdisciplinary research project with the global objective of integrating and developing mathematical, statistical and computer science tools to provide a thorough comprehension of the complex association between graph theory and network science. The primary project's aim is to bridge together the abstract mathematical structure of graphs and the computational and inferential approaches in the description of real-world networks arising from applications. We will deal with 3 objectives: theoretical aspects of graph structures, analysis of case studies, and implementation of appropriate computational and visualization tools.

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