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CfA: postdoc computational linguistics, Gothenburg (Sweden), Deadline: 21. November 2023

Postdoctoral position in computational linguistics with specialisation in language grounding to vision, robotics, and beyond University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Project Description: The broad focus of this position is computational modelling of language (computational linguistics, natural language processing or language technology) in the context of data from other modalities such as vision, perception and action from the perspective of human-centred AI. The topics relevant for this position are computational modelling of language and perception, human-robot interaction, situated spoken dialogue systems, and computational representation of meaning (semantics).

The work will be done within the Cognitive Systems group (lead by Simon Dobnik, https://www.gu.se/en/about/find-staff/simondobnik ) which one of the four research groups within The Centre for Linguistic Theory and Studies in Probability (CLASP), https://www.gu.se/clasp and is devoted to research and advanced training in the application of probabilistic modelling and machine learning methods to core issues in linguistic theory and cognition.

The postdoctoral candidate will will have an opportunity further their scientific skills and advance the scientific filed by conducting research in collaboration with the research group by connecting ideas from several of the following areas:

   - Computational semantics,
   - Grounding language in action and perception,
   - Generation and understanding of spatial language,
   - Generation of image descriptions, visual question answering, visual dialogue
   - Referring in situated dialogue,
   - Situated agents / robots and instruction generation and following,
   - Machine learning with neural networks,
   - Cross-domain model transfer,
   - Learning from small data,
   - Combining top-down (expert-driven) and bottom-up (dataset-driven) models,
   - Reasoning and inference including Bayesian inference,
   - Model interpretation, testing and evaluation of unwanted social bias,
   - Crowd-sourcing for collection and evaluation of research data.

Application Deadline: November 21, 2023 (end of the day, GMT+1).
Formal announcement and application procedure:  https://web103.reachmee.com/ext/I005/1035/job?site=7&lang=UK&validator=9b89bead79bb7258ad55c8d75228e5b7&job_id=31684 (English) and https://web103.reachmee.com/ext/I005/1035/job?site=6&lang=SE&validator=3038fcf1516ea1184a6da70a891f87da&job_id=31685 (Swedish)

Contact:  For more information about the research / project focus relevant to the position, send an email to Simon Dobnik, Professor of Computational Linguistics, simon.dobnik@gu.se <mailto:simon.dobnik@gu.se>

For other questions,
please contact Sharid Loaiciga, Associate Senior Lecturer, +46(0) 31-786 59 42, sharid.loaiciga@gu.se <mailto:sharid.loaiciga@gu.se>
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