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CfA: 2 PostDocs (3y, 2y) LoDEx/ deontic explanation/ defeasible reasoning, Bochum / Luxembourg / Vienna, Deadline: 30 October 2023

The research group Logic in Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence (Christian Straßer, Ruhr-University Bochum) has an opening for two PostDoc-positions (3y and 2y). Deadline: 30. October 2023.

Position 1 (3y) is embedded in the LoDEx project (Logical methods for Deontic Explanations), a joint project between the Ruhr-University Bochum (PI: Christian Straßer), the University of Luxembourg (PI: Leon van der Torre) and the TU Vienna (PI: Agata Ciabattoni).

Position 2 (2y) is funded by the Ruhr University Bochum.

| Description: Position 1 (LoDEx). ANR: 2461. |

This position is a three-year, 100%-funded PostDoc position (TV-L 13), starting February 2024.

The candidate will be working as a member of the WEAVE project “Logical methods for Deontic Explanations” (LoDEx). The project’s general aim is to develop formal frameworks for generating explanations in the context of ethical and legal reasoning. These "deontic explanations" facilitate our comprehension of the underlying reasons for the application of specific norms within a particular context, illuminating why adherence to these norms is crucial.

The PostDoc position focuses on the use of formal argumentation for the modeling of deontic explanations. Such a model comes with many challenges. One is that in order to be more perspicuous and convincing, explanations should take into account what the explainee believes and values, i.e., their epistemic and axiologic horizon.
Another challenge is the contrastive nature of explanations, since why-questions are often framed contrastively ('Why should I do A rather than B?'). Formal argumentation offers a good basis for modeling explanatory exchanges, e.g., in terms of dialogues. The candidate will also interact with a PhD student working on applications of deontic explanations to bioethical problems.

The candidate should have familiarity with either of the following (and ideally several):

• formal logic, ideally modal/deontic/epistemic logics; • formal argumentation; • a basic affinity with and an interest in ethical and moral theories.

| Description: Position 2. Defeasible Reasoning. ANR: 2394. |

This position is a two-year, 100%-funded PostDoc position (TV-L 13), starting February 2024.

The candidate will be working on formal models of defeasible reasoning, in particular those based on nonmonotonic logic and formal argumentation.

Possible areas of specialization include:

• reasoning defeasibly with and about norms • argumentation-based models of cognition, human and artificial reasoning • applications of argumentation in agent-based models • relations between (individual and social) epistemology and formal
• modeling uncertainty (e.g., via probabilities) in formal argumentation • how to measure inconsistency and disagreement • modeling explanation with formal argumentation and dialogue systems • integrating formal argumentation and nonmonotonic logic with machine
• etc.

The position comes with a teaching requirement, namely 2 courses per teaching term.

| Research Environment. |

The positions will be embedded in a rich research environment, incl.
connections to

• the newly established trilateral WEAVE Project on “Logical Methods for
  Deontic Explanation” (Bochum, Luxembourg, TU Vienna,
• the group on Logic in Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence
• the research group on Reasoning, Rationality and Science (Dunja
  Šešelja, Christian Straßer,
• the Logic in Bochum Group
• the Center for Mind and Cognition,
• the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence group.

Family-friendly initiatives are in place, such as an international spouse program, and excellent on-campus children day care and sports facilities.

For any queries, please contact <mailto:christian.strasser@rub.de>.

| Job requirements. |

You hold a PhD degree in Philosophy, Computer Science, Mathematics, or a discipline related to the listed topics.

You have an interest in the above listed themes of the research.
Knowledge of German language is not required.

We welcome candidates with a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives and we especially encourage candidates from underrepresented groups to apply.

For any queries, please contact Christian Straßer:

| Application. |

Your application should contain the following documents:

1. a letter of motivation explaining your interest in the position and
   your qualifications for it,
2. your curriculum vitae,
3. a writing sample (such as PhD thesis, a published paper, etc.), and 4. names and contact information of two persons willing to provide
5. indicate whether you apply for the 3y, 2y or both positions.

If you are interested, we invite you to apply by 30th of October.

Interviews will be held shortly thereafter online.

Please send your application to mailto:jobs-log-phi-ai@ruhr-uni-bochum.de.

Christian Straßer _(°∀°)_ 

    The Reasoning, Rationality and Science Group 

    Logic in Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence 
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