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CfParticipation: The Hao Wang Lectures and Workshops , Sep. 26-28 2023, Tsinghua University (Peking/China)

The Hao Wang Lectures and Workshops

Time: 26-28 Sep. 2023, Tsinghua University

Venue: Lecture Hall, Tsinghua University Library

Background: Hao Wang (1921-1995), a student of Jin Yuelin and later W.V.O. Quine and Paul Bernays, was an important  logician, philosopher, and mathematician who taught at Harvard, Oxford and Rockefeller University. His many contributions include pioneering the practice and theory of automated deduction, the use of tiling methods in the foundations of computation which influenced the theory of computational complexity, and the philosophy of mathematics where he became an authoritative interpreter and propagator of Gödel’s philosophical ideas, while also developing his own “substantial factualism” in between theoretical foundations and everyday discourse.

In collaboration with the Yau Mathematical Sciences Center, the Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences, and the Department of Philosophy at Tsinghua University, the Logic Center at Tsinghua University has initiated the Hao Wang Distinguished Lecture Series. This series will feature prominent international scholars in the fields of mathematical and computational logic on an annual basis. The inaugural Wang Hao lecturers will be Professor Hugh Woodin (Harvard) and Professor Moshe Vardi (Rice).



September 26 (Tue.) evening

Opening of lectures and workshops   chair: Fenrong Liu

19:00-19:30    opening + group photo

Gang Peng, Andrew Yao, Shing-Tung Yau, Yuping Ni, Wenming Tang

19:30-19:45   tea break

— — — — — — — — —

Public lecture 1   chair: Shing-Tung Yau

19:45-21:15  Hugh Woodin: Is there mathematical truth beyond the reach of mathematical proof?

  *   September 27 (Wed.) afternoon

Workshop on mathematical logic and philosophy of maths  chair: Qi Feng

13:30-14:30  Hugh Woodin: The axiom V = Ultimate-L and Goldberg's ultrapower axiom

14:30-14:45  tea break

14:45-15:25  Su Gao: From computational complexity to classifications in mathematics

15:25-15:30  break

15:30-16:10  Liuzhen Wu: A surjection from Cartesian square onto powerset

16:10-16:15  break

16:15-16:55  Taotao Xing: Hao Wang on Predicativism

16:55-18:35  supper at Jia Suo restaurant

  *   September 27 (Wed.) evening

Public lecture 2  chair: Andrew Yao

19:00-20:30  Moshe Vardi: What came first, math or computing?

20:30-21:30  reception

  *   September 28 (Thu.) afternoon

Workshop on computational logic  chair: Junhua Yu

13:30-14:30  Moshe Vardi: Machine learning and logic: fast and slow thinking

14:30-14:45  tea break

14:45-15:25  Thomas Bolander: Epistemic planning: logical formalism, computational complexity, and robotic implementations

15:25-15:30  break

15:30-16:10  Yijia Chen: First-order logic, AC^0-circuits, and graph of bounded shrub-depth

16:10-16:15  break

16:15-16:55  R Ramanujam: Bounds on proof size and security verification

16:55-17:00  closing of the lectures and workshops

17:00-18:40  supper at Jia Suo restaurant

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