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CfParticipation: New Seminar on Infinite Games starting September 21, 2023

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Infinite Games Workshop
Zoom Talk,
details at https://jdh.hamkins.org/infinite-games-workshop/

Thursday 21 September, 11 am
Infinite draughts: a solved open game
Davide Leonessi


5 October 2023 11am EST
Introduction to infinite games
Joel David Hamkins, Professor of Logic, University of Notre Dame


26 October 2023 11am EST
Complexity of the winning condition of infinite Hex
Ilkka Trm, University of Turku, Finland

16 November 2023 11am EST
A finite position in infinite chess with game value
Andreas Tsevas, Physics, Ludwig Maximalians Universitt Mnche

7 December 2023 11am EST
All Countable Ordinals Arise as Game Values in Infinite Chess
Matthew Bolan, University of Toronto

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