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CfA: Expression of interest for up to 6 postdocs in Logic at the Logic Uncertainty Computation and Information (LUCI) Lab, Milan (Italy)

The Logic Uncertainty Computation and Information (LUCI) Lab at the University of Milan, Italy will shortly be advertising calls for up to six full-time postdoctoral researchers. We will be seeking applications with strong skills in

  *   Nonmonotoniclogics
  *   Logics for AI
  *   Statistical inference and decision-making under uncertainty
  *   Temporal Logics
  *   Markovian Semantics
  *   Computational Logics and Proof Theories for uncertainty
Flexible working arrangementswill be possible.

Please see the LUCI website ( https://luci.unimi.it ) for further details about the Lab members and our research.

We are planning to post the call for applications for at least some of the positions before the end of 2023, but we encourage potential applicants to get in touch with us to express their interest.

Marcello D’Agostino (marcello.d’agostino@unimi.it<http://unimi.it>)

Hykel Hosni (hykel.hosni@unimi.it<mailto:hykel.hosni@unimi.it>)

Giuseppe Primiero (giuseppe.primiero@unimi.it<mailto:giuseppe.primiero@unimi.it>)

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