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CfA: Expressions of interests for two postdoctoral positions in Logic and Computer Science , Cagliari & Urbino (Italy), deadline 22 October 2023

The Universities of Cagliari and Urbino will shortly open calls for two post-doctoral positions in Logic (in Cagliari for 18 months) and Logic for Concurrency  and Reversible Debugging (in Urbino for 12+6 months) within the  the PRIN project DeKLA: Developing Kleene Logics and their Applications


We are seeking for candidates with a background in:

  *   non-classical logics, modal logics, universal algebra and algebraic logic (Cagliari)
  *   logics for concurrency, with a particular focus on reversible debugging (Urbino)

Background in the use of modal logics and their applications to computer science and social network phenomena are highly valued.

Candidates (for the application to Urbino only) should have a basic knowledge of the Italian language.

The positions will be opened at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Cagliari (supervisor S. Bonzio), within the ALOPHIS<https://sites.google.com/view/alophis/home> research group, and at the Department of Pure and Applied Sciences of the University of Urbino (supervisor C. A. Mezzina), within the SYNERGIA<https://sites.google.com/a/uniurb.it/synergia> research group.

The official calls will be advertised before the end of 2023, but we encourage potential interested applicants to get in touch with us to express their interest.

There is no specific deadline, but we encourage applicants to express their interest before October 22nd, 2023.

Stefano Bonzio (stefano.bonzio@unica.it<mailto:stefano.bonzio@gmail.com>),

Claudio Antares Mezzina (claudio.mezzina@uniurb.it<mailto:claudio.mezzina@uniurb.it>),

Pierluigi Graziani (pierluigi.graziani@uniurb.it<mailto:pierluigi.graziani@uniurb.it>).

In case you're still a PhD student, please also indicate the presumed date of the PhD defense.

Brief description of the project

DeKLA (Developing Kleene Logics and their Applications) is an interdisciplinary PRIN 2022 project, involving logic, epistemology and computer science. It aims to further develop the theory of Kleene logics, modal Kleene logics and their applications in philosophy and computer science. In particular, the project will focus on further exploring external (weak) Kleene logics and modal logics based on strong and weak Kleene logics, with a particular emphasis on epistemic Kleene logics. The logical methods developed will help enrich the study of the epistemology of ignorance, fallible knowledge and of fake news, by providing new formal models of analysis. Moreover, DeKLA will considerably enlarge the space of applications of Kleene logics in computer science, by introducing innovative process algebraic methods based on Kleene logics and applying them to concurrent programming and debugging theory.

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