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CfP: SI of Mathematical Structures in Computer Science on Advances in Homotopy Type Theory, Deadline: 31 January 2024

Dear all

I am writing to invite you to submit papers to a special issue of

Mathematical Structures in Computer Science


  "Advances in Homotopy Type Theory".

  Submissions based on talks presented at the International Conference i
n Homotopy Type Theory held at Carnegie Mellon University in May 2023 are e
ncouraged, but other papers are welcome too.

  Submissions should be made via the MSCS Scholar One portal, choosing t
he name of the special issue from the drop-down list on page one:

  The deadline for submissions is

   31st January 2024.

  Many thanks for your attention!

  Milly Maietti

(on behalf of the guest editors, Thorsten Altenkirch, Benno van den Berg, N
icola Gambino, and myself)
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