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CfA: PhD / PostDoc position on Learning and Reasoning, TU Dortmund (Germany), Deadline: 19 September 2023

Dear all,

I have an open PhD position in my group at TU Dortmund University on the possible topics Description Logics & Learning, Interpolation, Temporal (Description) Logics, see the official announcement here:


Please spread and contact me for any information at jean<mailto:jean.jung@tu-dortmund.de>.jung<mailto:jean.jung@tu-dortmund.de>@tu<mailto:jean.jung@tu-dortmund.de>-dortmund<mailto:jean.jung@tu-dortmund.de>.de<mailto:jean.jung@tu-dortmund.de>
The position is advertised as a PhD, but if you are looking for a PostDoc position you can still contact me.

Best wishes,

Prof. Dr. Jean Christoph Jung
Knowledge-Based Systems

Department of Computer Science
TU Dortmund, Germany
Mail: jean.jung@tu-dortmund.de<mailto:jean.jung@tu-dortmund.de>
Phone: +49 231 7556224

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