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CfPart: Methodological, Metaphysical & Epistemological Themes in the Philosophy of Logic, 28 - 30 September 2023, Bonn (Germany)

Methodological, Metaphysical & Epistemological Themes in the Philosophy of Logic  

University of Bonn — International Center of Philosophy NRW (IZPH), Poppelsdorfer Allee 28, 53115 Bonn  

Recent years have witnessed a revival and reconceptualization of several core questions in the philosophy of logic. These have led to enormously fruitful debate and unforeseen progress on a range of traditional issues related to the metaphysical and epistemological standing of logical theories and, consequently, to the scope and limits of applications of logical tools in the generation of knowledge. The goal of the conference is to consolidate the ongoing developments in the philosophy of logic and to critically investigate and systematize various families of positions in the epistemology, metaphysics and methodology of logic. Particular themes of the conference include:

* What is the status of logical knowledge? What methodology best suits the adoption and revision of logical theories?

* What features ground logical truth and consequence? Are realist/conventionalist approaches feasible positions in the metaphysics of logic?

* What, if anything, makes logic special? What does its exceptional standing mean for its relation to the sciences? In what way does its continuity with the sciences aid in the application of logical methods and tools?

* What is the normative status of logic? Is logic constitutive for ‘good’ 
reasoning? What are the connections between logic, reasoning and rationality?  

Speakers: Elke Brendel (University of Bonn); Claire Field (University of Glasgow); Ulf Hlobil (Concordia University); Andrea Iacona (University of Turin);  Luca Incurvati (University of Amsterdam, ILLC); William Nava (NYU); Eugenio Orlandelli (University of Bologna); Tibo Rushbrooke (University of Oxford); Gil Sagi (Haifa University); Julian Schlöder (University of Connecticut); Alexandra Zinke (University of Frankfurt).  

For a detailed program see: https://euphilo.net/projects/  

Organizers: Elke Brendel, Filippo Ferrari, Ben Martin, Sebastian Speitel  

Sponsors: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), European Network for Philosophy of Logic (EuPhiLo), Chair for Logic and Foundations (University of Bonn)  

The conference starts on Thursday, September 28th at 13:00 and ends on Saturday, September 30th at 13:00. Participation is free, but registration is required. If you wish to participate in person, please register (until September 25th the latest) at:   


The talks will be live-streamed online via Zoom, so online participation is also possible. If you wish to participate online, please send a request for the Zoom-link and password to sgwspeitel@uni-bonn.de  

For further information see https://philevents.org/event/show/113974 or contact sgwspeitel@uni-bonn.de
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