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CfA: Research Associate at the School of Computing at the University of Kent (UK), deadline: 4 September 2023

Research Associate at the University of Kent, Canterbury, UK

Apply in either of these places:

Salary: 36,386 to 40,931
Contract Type: Fixed Term - 36 months
Deadline: 4th September

The School of Computing at Kent in the UK wishes to appoint a qualified and
 highly motivated researcher to work as a Research Associate. This 36 month
 post is funded by two grants led by Professor Mark Batty (m.j.batty@kent.a
c.uk): Transparent pointer safety: Rust to Lua to OS Components from Innova
te UK and Safe and secure COncurrent programming for adVancEd aRchiTectures
 (COVERT) from the EPSRC. This project is in partnership with Sheffield and

Applicants should have a strong mathematical background and knowledge of ho
w to reason about systems. This must be evidenced by high-quality research 
publications or artifacts in programming languages, formal verification, di
stributed systems, security, or computer architecture. Experience in hand p
roof, mechanised theorem proving tools (i.e. Isabelle/HOL, Coq, or similar)
 or familiarity with model checkers and SMT solvers is highly desirable.

 As Research Associate you will:
1. develop formal models for the expression of the behaviours of advanced a
rchitectures, 2. develop reasoning techniques (proof, mechanical proof, mod
el checking, automated tools) for proving properties about these systems, a
nd 3. apply these techniques to establish system properties including memor
y safety, security properties and functional correctness.

To be successful in this role you will:
1. have or be about to complete a PhD in a relevant discipline, or equivale
nt professional experience, 2. have a track record of peer-reviewed publica
tions at scientific workshops, competitions, conferences or journals, and 3
. have excellent mathematical skills relevant to analysing computer-system 

The university of Kent is walking distance from the charming historic city 
of Canterbury, it has a high speed connection to London, and travel to Euro
pe is convenient by rail or car.
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