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CfPart: GandALF 2023

18-20 Sep 2023
Udine, Italy

Registration is finally open for the Fourteenth International Symposium on 
Games, Automata, Logics, and Formal Verification (GandALF 23), to be held i
n Udine (Italy) on September 18-20, 2023.

*** Early registration deadline is September 4, 2023 (Monday) ***

We invite you to attend GandALF 2023. We will offer a very exciting technic
al and social program, which includes 15 contributed talks, 4 invited talks
 by renowned international theoretical computer scientists:

  *   Weighted Automata At The Border Of Decidability by Laure Daviaud<http
s://www.city.ac.uk/about/people/academics/laure-daviaud>  University of 
East Anglia (UK),

  *   Complexity Aspects Of Logics In Team Semantics by Juha Kontinen<https
://researchportal.helsinki.fi/en/persons/juha-kontinen>  University of H
elsinki (Finland),

  *   Strategic Reasoning Under Imperfect Information  The Case Of Synch
ronous Recall by Sophie Pinchinat<https://people.irisa.fr/Sophie.Pinchinat/
>  IRISA/University of Rennes (France),

  *   The Church Synthesis Problem Over Continuous Time by Alexander Rabino
vich<http://www.cs.tau.ac.il/~rabinoa>  Tel Aviv University (Israel),

and an enchanting boat trip and dinner at a traditional Casone (check it ou
t at https://gandalf23.uniud.it/excursion/).

To register to the conference, follow the instructions at https://gandalf23

For more details about GandALF 2023 and about how to organize your visit to
 Udine, check our webpage (https://gandalf23.uniud.it/). The full program w
ill be published soon.


Dario and Antonis (GandALF 23 PC co-chairs)

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