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CfP special issue on the 100th anniversary of the Vienna Circle of 'Epistemology & Philosophy of Science', Deadline: 15 Nov 2023

“Epistemology and Philosophy of Science”, a quarterly peer-reviewed 
journal established in 2004 by the Institute of Philosophy (Russian 
Academy of Sciences), is planning to devote a special issue to 
contemporary philosophy of mind. The journal announces a call for papers 
for a special thematic issue devoted to the 100th anniversary of the 
Vienna Circle.

Among the among potential authors of the issue are already Prof. Paul 
Weingartner, Prof. Jure Zovko, Prof. Valentin Bazhanov, Prof. Ilya 

We invite submissions focusing on questions that include, but are not 
limited to:

Vienna Circle: a history of the Big Event
Vienna Circle as a trading zone: science, philosophy, and art
The nature of scientific experience: verification, falsification and other 
methods of testing hypotheses
Levels of scientific language
The significance of logics for science and philosophy
Scientific explanation and prediction
The structure and growth of scientific theory
Foundations of science
Demarcation between science and metaphysics
Prospects of the scientific worldview
Rational and irrational in science and society
Science, politics and social progress

Papers can be considered only if (a) they have not previously been 
published elsewhere, and (b) they are not being considered for publication 
elsewhere. The special issue of the journal will appear in 2024. Important 
Dates and Submission Details The submission deadline for abstracts (up to 
500 words): August 1, 2023 (please, send your abstracts to 
journal@iph.ras.ru). Notification of acceptance: September 1, 2023. The 
submission deadline for manuscripts: November 15, 2023. Notification of 
acceptance: December 15, 2023. Submissions are welcome in English or 
Russian. The preferred length of an article is up to 7000 words. General 
guidelines are available on the website 
(https://journal.iph.ras.ru/forcontributors). All manuscripts will undergo 
peer review. For further details, please contact the Editor: Ilya Kasavin, 
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