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Concepts & Their Uses

28-30 Aug 2023
Bern, Switzerland

Symposium: Concepts and Their Uses
Symposium of the Swiss Philosophical Society 2023; 28.-30.8.2023 in Bern  

Philosophical knowledge is often described as being conceptual. Therefore, 
concepts have been an important topic in phosophy since Plato’s theory of 
forms. Very recently, the study of concepts has taken new and exciting 
routes. Experimental philosophers investigate the understanding of 
concepts with tools that are unprecedented in philosophy. Drawing on 
research from the empirical sciences, in particular from psychology, 
philosophers have taken new approaches to what concepts are and do. 
Finally, an increased awareness of problematic concepts – e.g., concepts 
that contribute to discrimination – has helped to establish the new field 
of conceptual ethics. Against this backdrop, the symposium of the Swiss 
Philosophical Society aims at bringing together and discussing new work on 
concepts. In this way, we also hope to reflect upon the self-understanding 
of philosophy and upon the contribution that work on concepts can make in 
broader society.  

Program: https://easychair.org/smart-program/CHCON2023/

Venue: UniS, University of Bern, Schanzeneckstr. 1, CH-3012 Bern

Time: 28.-30.8.2023

Attendance is free, but the number of participants is limited. Please 
register until August, 20th under:

Conference webpage:
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