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Actions & norms in deontic logic

20 Sep 2023
Milan, Italy

Dear colleagues,

The use of formal methods in the analysis and representation of normative 
reasoning has faced plenty of interesting challenges over the last few 
decades, ranging from theoretical puzzles to automation endeavours. The 
workshop "Actions and norms in deontic logic", hosted by the Department of 
Philosophy of the Catholic University of Milan on 20 September 2023, aims 
at offering fresh insights into recent developments in the area and open 
directions of research.

Workshop attendance is free. To register for the workshop, please write in 
advance to any of the two organizers:

Alessandro Giordani (alessandro.giordani@unicatt.it)
Matteo Pascucci (matteo.pascucci@savba.sk)

This event also supports young researchers' activity by means of two 
scholarships funded by AILA, the Italian Association for Logic and its 


Each scholarship consists of a reimbursement of up to 125€ for travel and/or 
expenses. Eligible for a scholarship is any Master's student, PhD student or 
early post-doctoral
researcher (up to 2 years after the PhD defense) working on topics related to 
the workshop.
Applications for a scholarship consist of a CV and a brief description of the 
current research/studies (around 500 words). They can be submitted by the 31st 
of August to the
two organizers.

The workshop's detailed programme is the following:

09.30 - 10.00 Introduction 
10.00 - 11.20 Réka Markovich (University of Luxembourg), On actions in deontic 
logic for a
formal theory of law
11.20 - 11.40 Break
11.40 - 13.00 Piotr Kulicki (Catholic University of Lublin), Locally based and 
goal oriented
obligations concerning sequentially composed actions
13.00 - 14.40 Lunch break
14.40 - 16.00 Alessandro Giordani (Catholic University of Milan) and Matteo
Pascucci (Slovak Academy of Sciences), New waves in action deontic logic
16.00 - 16.20 Break
16.20 - 17.40 Frederik Van De Putte (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Recent 
findings in the logic
of admissible actions
17.40 - 18.00 Break
18.00 - 19.00 General discussion

For further information, feel free to write to us:

Alessandro (alessandro.giordani@unicatt.it)
Matteo (matteo.pascucci@savba.sk)
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