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Scholarships for Master's programme in philosophy of mind & cognition, Taipeh (Taiwan)

Master's program at the Institute of Philosophy of Mind & Cognition, NYCU, 

Full and partial scholarships are available

The Institute of Philosophy of Mind & Cognition (IPMC) at National Yang 
Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU) in Taipei, Taiwan, is inviting 
applications from international students for our Master’s program in 
Philosophy. Please spread the word!

The IPMC is dedicated to studying cognition, whether in humans, other 
animals, or computers, using an interdisciplinary approach that draws from 
philosophy, neuroscience, psychology, neurolinguistics, and cognitive 
science. The mission of the IPMC is more than merely addressing 
traditional philosophical questions, but doing so in a way that 
contributes to tackling significant social, scientific, political and 
ethical issues by bridging academia, science and society.

The institute offers two tracks for Master's students: the “analytic 
track”, which uses tools like conceptual analysis and reflective 
equilibrium, and the “empirical track”, which employs scientific methods 
from fields like psychology, sociology, education, and cognitive 

Full and partial scholarships are available (for details, see the link 
below). Most classes at the IPMC are taught in English, and a mastery of 
Chinese is not required to study with us. That said, studying in Taiwan 
does offer a great opportunity to learn Chinese, and to discover a vibrant 
and unique place mixing different cultures under a democratic system.

For more information about the admissions process, see: 
https://phil.nycu.edu.tw/en/admission/. Queries can be emailed to the 
institute’s executive assistant, Bella Yang, at phil@nycu.edu.tw. 
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