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ILDS Coq & Lean Autumn School 2023

18-20 Sep 2023
Bucharest, Romania


           ILDS Coq and Lean Autumn School 2023
            interactive theorem proving school
         September 18-20, 2023, Bucharest, Romania
                 co-located with FROM 2023


The ILDS Coq and Lean Autumn School 2023 aims to introduce potential
students to the Coq and Lean proof assistants, as well as to
theoretical underpinnings of interactive theorem proving. It is the
second school on interactive theorem proving organized in Bucharest,
following the ICUB Coq Autumn School, which was held in September 2018.

The event is co-located with FROM 2023 (https://from2023.cs.unibuc.ro/),
whose participants are eligible for a special discounted fee for the school.


Institute for Logic and Data Science (ILDS, https://ilds.ro/)
Research Center for Logic, Optimization and Security (LOS), University of 


Horațiu Cheval (University of Bucharest)
Vlad Rusu (INRIA Lille)
Andrei Sipoș (University of Bucharest & ILDS & IMAR)
Julian Sutherland (Nethermind)
Traian Florin Șerbănuță (RV & University of Bucharest & ILDS)


Andrei Sipoș, Introduction to Type Theory for Interactive Theorem Proving
Vlad Rusu, Traian Florin Șerbănuță, Introduction to Coq
Julian Sutherland, Horațiu Cheval, Introduction to Lean

No parallel sessions are planned, so it will be possible to attend all
the courses.


The registration fee is 150 EUR for the general public and
75 EUR for those who participate at FROM 2023.
It covers attendance, lunch, coffee breaks, and the official dinner.

To register, please use the common registration form
(https://forms.gle/aZ7zqK3UNwLeGaRL6) for the ILDS Coq
and Lean Autumn School 2023 and FROM 2023. Note that
one can still register later, separately, for the autumn school
and still benefit from the discount.

ILDS offers a limited number of fellowships (waiving the
registration fee) for students. Students interested in getting
a fellowship need to complete an application form
(https://forms.gle/ByrWCxUahQcfK35HA) by 1 August 2023.
Applicants will be notified by 14 August 2023.


Deadline for fellowship (fee waiver) application: 7 August 2023
Notification of fellowship applicants: 14 August 2023
Deadline for registration: 7 September 2023
School: 18-20 September 2023


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