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CfP special collection of Journal of Cybersecurity on philosophy of information security, Deadline: 31 Dec 2023

The OUP Journal of Cybersecurity is seeking submissions for a Special 
Collection of papers in the area of the philosophy of information 


Plain text version of call included below.

Thank you,

 	David Pym


Call for Papers

Special Collection: The Philosophy of Information Security

Editors: David Pym and Jonathan Spring

For this special collection, we solicit papers at the intersection of philosophy,
information security, and philosophy of science. There are multiple under-explored
ways in which these fields intersect.

Suggested, but not exclusive, topics include:

 	• Foundations of knowledge in information security
 	• Implications of philosophy (epistemology, ontology, causality) for information
 	• Implications of information security for philosophy
 	• Mathematical and logical modelling of phenomena in information security
 	• Modelling: what makes for a good model in information security, and how models
          are synthesized from data
 	• Methodology of study-design in information security
 	• The status of simulation in information security
 	• Adversarial agents and interference with knowledge or evidence collection
 	• Comparative studies or reviews of different knowledge structures or standards
          in information security


Please read the author guidelines and select 'Special Collection on Philosophy of Information’
when submitting your manuscript.


31 December 2023
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