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Tenure-track positions in computer science, Prague (Czech Republic), Deadline: 20 Nov 2023

Dear colleagues,

The Institute of Computer Science of the Czech Academy of Sciences (ICS
CAS) is opening two tenure track positions:

1. Tenure-track position with focus on Artificial Intelligence (deadline
20th November):

2. Tenure-track position, general focus (deadline 20th November):

Researchers focusing on Logic in Computer Science (broadly construed) are
very welcome to apply within the general call. Researchers focusing on
Logic and Artificial Intelligence (broadly construed) are very welcome to
apply within the AI-specific call as well. Interested candidates are
invited to consult the webpages if the ICS CAS Logic Group
http://www.cs.cas.cz/logics/ and get in touch with us with informal

Best wishes,
Igor Sedlar

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