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Formal modeling of ignorance

7-8 Sep 2023
Urbino, Italy

The workshop will take place in Urbino on Thursday afternoon, September 7, 
and Friday morning, September 8, as a side event of the SILFS 2023 
Triennial Conference.

It will focus on diverse formal (logical) approaches to the notion of 

Zoe Christoff (University of Groningen).
Mattia Petrolo (University of Lisbon).
Ekaterina Kubyshkina (University of Milano).
Marianna Girlando (University of Amsterdam).
Mirko Tagliaferri (University of Urbino).
Alessandro Aldini (University of Urbino).

Organizers: Stefano Bonzio (University of Cagliari) & Pierluigi Graziani 
(University of Urbino).

Everyone interested is free to participate. We particularly encourage the 
participants to the SILFS Triennial Conference (ending on Thursday 7 
morning) to take part in this side event.

The event is in presence but talks will be also streamed on-line.

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