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CfP special issue of Studia Logica on information sharing in social networks, Deadline: 30 Sep 2023

We have received requests to extend the deadline for the Studia Logica 
special issue on Information Sharing in Social Networks. We have therefore 
decided to extend the deadline to the 30th of September, 2023.

On behalf of the guest editors,
Louwe Kuijer

Full CfP follows.


We would like to invite contributions to a special issue of Studia Logica on
information sharing in networks.

Over the past few decades, we have witnessed an explosive increase in the
of information being shared across networks. This includes communication
between humans in social networks and by machines in computer networks.
Furthermore, this increase is expected to continue for the foreseeable
We should therefore endeavour to develop improved techniques for information

Improvements can take the form of faster or more reliable ways to spread 
information, as studied in the so-called "gossip problem" and adjacent 
topics such as broadcasting. But improvements can also be based in the 
social aspects of communication. For example, in order to avoid being 
taken in by "fake news" and other misinformation, humans in a social 
network and nodes in a computer network alike need to determine which of 
their peers are reliable, which are misinformed, and which are malicious.

In this special issue, we welcome contributions that formally analyse the
technical or social aspects of communication in a (social or computer)
Topics of interest therefore include, but are not limited to,
- combinatorial and computational aspects of gossip and broadcasting
- epistemic gossip protocols,
- social epistemology,
- logics for social networks.

The guest editors for the special issue will be:

Louwe Kuijer (University of Liverpool)
Hans van Ditmarsch  (IRIT, CNRS, University of Toulouse)
Wiebe van der Hoek (University of Liverpool)

For more information, or if you are unsure whether your paper would fit in 
the scope of thespecial issue, please contact Louwe Kuijer, at 

The submission deadline is on the 30th of September, 2023. Papers should 
be submitted via the Editorial Manager 
(https://www.editorialmanager.com/stud/ ), where authors should select the 
article type "S.I. Information Sharing in Networks".
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