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ICCS 2023: Conceptual Structures

11-13 Sep 2023
Berlin, Germany


*ICCS 2023 – 28th International Conference on Conceptual Structures*

September 11–13, 2023, Berlin, Germany



registration: https://iccs-conference.org/?page_id=1523
program: https://iccs-conference.org/?page_id=1470


ICCS will feature exciting *keynotes*:

- Nina Gierasimczuk (Technical University of Denmark):
   The Dynamics of True Belief – Learning by Revision and Merge
- Henrik Müller (TU Dortmund University):
   What’s in a story? How narratives structure the way we think about the 
- Camille Roth (French National Centre for Scientific Research, Centre Marc 
   Semantic graphs and social networks

as well as three *tutorials*:

- Conceptual Structures for the Digital Humanities by Tom Hanika,
   Sergei Obiedkov, and Robert Jäschke
- Needs beyond Chat-GPT: Teaching the Concepts of Knowledge
   Representation by Filling a Void by Jan Krämer and Lilian Löwenau
- The R package fca-R by Domingo López-Rodríguez

The ICCS organizing committee is looking forward to meeting you in Berlin!

Robert Jäschke (General Chair)
Kai Sauerwald (PC Co-Chair)
Manuel Ojeda Aciego (PC Co-Chair)
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