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CfP special issue of Synthese on Hyperintensional Formal Epistemology, Deadline: 1 Dec 2023

Call for Papers: Hyperintensional Formal Epistemology

Guest Editor(s): Stephan Krämer, University of Hamburg; Singa Behrens, 
Bielefeld University; Stefan Roski, University of Hamburg and University of 

Topical Collection

Description: Over the last decade or so, a great deal of work has been done on 
hyperintensional theories of content. Influential approaches include Kit Fine’s 
truthmaker semantics, Hannes Leitgeb’s HYPE framework, and two-component 
approaches, modelling meanings as pairs of truth-conditions and subject 
matters, inspired by Steve Yablo’s work and further developed by Franz Berto 
and others. The most influential applications of these approaches so far have 
been in logic and metaphysics, but there have also been recent attempts to 
apply hyperintensional frameworks to topics in formal epistemology, such as 
confirmation, evidential (ir)relevance, belief revision, and the logic of 
knowability. On the one hand, the case for hyperintensionality seems especially 
forceful and straightforward with respect to epistemology, for intensional 
approaches here notoriously run into problems of logical omniscience. By taking 
the notions under study–belief, knowledge, etc.–to be closed under logical 
consequence, they seem adequate at most to highly idealized thinkers very 
unlikeourselves. On the other hand, it may be argued that without any 
idealizing assumptions about the epistemic agents under consideration, it is 
doubtful that there will be enough structure to knowledge and belief to enable 
fruitful systematic theorizing. This Topical Collection is thus devoted to 
hyperintensionalism in formal epistemology, aiming to collect and bring into 
contact both contributions developing particular formal hyperintensional 
theories of epistemic phenomena (broadly construed) as well as more general, 
foundational discussions of the reasons for, and against, adopting a 
hyperintensional approach. Appropriate Topics for Submission include, among 
others: arguments for and against hyperintensionalism in formal epistemology, 
hyperintensional theories of belief revision, belief, credence, knowledge, and 
other epistemic notions, the methodology of formal epistemology, the role of 
model-building and idealization in formal epistemology, applications of 
hyperintensional methods in philosophy and beyond (computer science, AI).

For further information, please contact the guest editor(s): 
stephan.kraemer@uni-hamburg.de <mailto:stephan.kraemer@uni-hamburg.de> The 
deadline for submissions is 1.12.23. Submissions 
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