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Workshop on Contradictory Logics

6-8 Dec 2023
Bochum, Germany

2nd Call for abstracts for the 1st Workshop on Contradictory Logics

Workshop page: 

The first workshop ever on non-trivial negation inconsistent logics is going to 
be held at Ruhr University Bochum, December 6-8, 2023. Any papers related to 
non-trivial contradictory logics are welcome. Topics of interest include (but 
are not limited to) the following:

+ Non-trivial negation inconsistent
    - relevance logics,
    - connexive logics,
    - logics of logical bilattices,
    - logics in which double negation is understood as some other negation,
    - modal logics,
    - higher-order logics,
+ Abelian logics,
+ Philosophical considerations of contradictory logics, especially in 
philosophy of science and the philosophy of logic,
+ Experiments related to the endorsement of contradictory logics,
+ Historical considerations of contradictory logics.

Submission deadline: *September 1, 2023*

Submissions of extended abstracts (up to 3 pages including references) should 
be sent to the organizers as a pdf file to ebru.tekin-m9c@rub.de

We especially encourage submissions from members of underrepresented groups in 
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