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Announcement: European Society for the Philosophy of Mathematics (inaugural conference: London, England, 5-7 Sep 2023)

We send this message hoping to give communities and individuals pleasant 
and useful news.

In the last few years the European community of Philosophy of Mathematics 
has grown considerably in number and maturity. With the aim of giving a 
clearer and more structured perspective to young scholars, the European 
Society for the Philosophy of Mathematics (ESPM <https://philmath.eu/>) 
has recently been founded (more information about the board can be found 
here <https://philmath.eu/board/>).

The mission of the ESPM is to foster the study and research in the 
Philosophy of Mathematics and to coordinate the activities of the national 
communities. Towards this goal, the ESPM organizes an international 
conference and a summer school.

The first, inaugural, conference <https://philmath.eu/2023conference/> of 
the ESPM will take place at King’s College in London on the 5-7 September 

If you are interested in joining the ESPM, it is easy: just follow the 
instructions contained in the website <https://philmath.eu/join/>.

We hope to see you soon, at the London conference or at other events!

All the best,
Øystein Linnebo, on behalf of the Board of the ESPM

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