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ALC 2023: Australasian Logic Colloquium

6-8 Nov 2023
Brisbane, Australia

The Australasian Logic Colloquium (ALC) 2023 will take place from 6-8 
November in Brisbane, Australia.  The conference aims to bring together 
logicians, either based in Australasia or with the desire to connect with 
logicians based in Australasia, working in mathematical, computational, or 
philosophical logic. The Colloquium is intended to provide a platform for 
presentation and exchange of ideas. Thus, we invite contributions in all 
areas of logic, especially if you would like to advertise your best 
results to logicians outside your own subfield. We welcome published or 
unpublished work. This event is sponsored by the Association for Symbolic 
Logic and limited travel grants for students are available. Please see our 
website: https://sites.google.com/view/australasianlogcolloquium2023/home.

Three keynotes will be delivered by Enrique Casanovas, Rajeev Gore and 
Janos Makowsky. The conference will take place physically in Brisbane, 
Australia, but people interested in registering so they can listen to the 
talks on Zoom will be able to do so.

If you would like to present a paper at this conference, either online or 
in person please send a 1-2 page abstract that explains what the talk is 
about to the organizers: Guillermo Badia (g.badia@uq.edu.au) and Sasha 
Rubin (sasha.rubin@sydney.edu.au). The soft deadline for submission is 1 
August 2023.

After the ALC, there will be an open call for papers for a special issue 
of the Journal of Logic and Computation. Submission of papers is 
encouraged but not a necessary condition for presenting at the conference.
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