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BLC 2023: British Logic Colloquium

7-9 Sep 2023
Bristol, England

The 2023 annual British Logic Colloquium Meeting will be held at the 
University of Bristol Between 14.00 on Thursday Sep. 7th and 13.00 
Saturday Sep. 9th.  The confirmed speakers are

Sandra Müller (TU Vienna)
Paul Shafer (Leeds)
Juan Aguilera (Ghent and TU Vienna).
Vincenzo Mantova (Leeds)
Carlo Nicolai (KCL)
Elaine Pimentel (UCL)
Juliette Kennedy (Helsinki)
Anupam Das (Birmingham)
Ali Enayat (Gothenburg).

Following on the BLC meeting there will be a contiguous and co-located 
conference "Working with Truth" which is the concluding Workshop on 
Johannes Stern's ERC grant. This will go from Saturday lunchtime until 
Sunday afternoon.

On the Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning there will be a "PhD day' 
where PhD students can present work and have discussions. This is being 
organized independently by Calliope Ryan-Smith (mmcrs@leeds.ac.uk) to whom 
interested students should apply.

Persons who would like to attend are asked to register at:


where there is more information on the meeting. (There will be a reduced 
registration fee for BLC members of £10, £15 for others, to help defray 
tea, coffee, and lunch on Friday, expenses.)

There will be an Annual Meeting of the BLC following on the Thursday 
lectures, before a conference dinner (on the website with the URL below, 
when registering you will be asked if you are interested in taking the 
dinner - which will be at the Riverstation, Bristol.).

There are a small number of bursaries to help towards PhD students defray 
travel and accommodation costs, for those who cannot get reimbursement 
from their grant bodies.

There will also be a couple of slots for shorter contributed talks. People 
proposing a contributed talk are asked to send a title and abstract to 
p.welch@bristol.ac.uk<mailto:p.welch@bristol.ac.uk>. We cannot promise 
that all such applications can get a slot, as time is limited.
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