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Re-activation of the list / new moderator: Dr Deniz Sarikaya

Dear [LOGIC] list subscribers,

   We are sure you noticed: the [LOGIC] list has been inactive for the last 

nine months -- many subscribers wrote to us and asked about its status. 

Finally, we are now in the process of re-activating the list.

   The [LOGIC] list started as a private mailing lists for friends and 

colleagues in the year 2000, then became the official mailing list of the 

logic group in Bonn (whence some people still refer to it as the 'Bonn 

logic list'), and later various other institutions got informally 

involved: the ILLC in Amsterdam provided the archive website and the 

twitter feed, the Universitt Hamburg provided the mailman software, etc.

   After over twenty years, it was time to create an institutional backbone 

for the list to guarantee its continued existence that does not (only) 

depend on individuals.

   The Division for Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science and 

Technology of the International Union of History and Philosophy of Science 

and Technology (DLMPST/IUHPST) has now taken the responsibility for this 

list; the ILLC will kindly continue to provide the archive website and the 

twitter feed for which we should like to thank them very much:


   The LOGIC list will continue to function as it used to: as a fully 

moderated list with a limited amount of daily traffic (capped at eight 

messages per day), disseminating information about job offers and events 

in logic, interdisciplinarily construed (i.e., including mathematics, 

philosophy, and theoretical computer science).

   The Executive Committee of DLMPST has appointed the first official 

moderator of the LOGIC list: Dr Deniz Sarikaya from the Vrije Universiteit 

Brussel, who was appointed for the period of four years (until 2027). The 

list will resume posting announcements shortly; for the time being, we 

shall continue to use the e-mail address


for collecting posting recommendations and distributing them, but we 

anticipate moving to a different address very soon.

   The DLMPST Executive Committee would like to thank Dr Sarikaya for 

volunteering for this important community task which comes with a lot of 

work and no compensation other than knowing that the community appreciates 

it. Please be kind to him.

With all the best wishes on behalf of the DLMPST Executive Committee,

Benedikt Lwe
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