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Institute Vienna Circle Fellowships, Vienna (Austria), Deadline: 11 Nov 2022

Application open from October 11th - November 11th 2022
The Institute Vienna Circle (IVC) offers fellowships for visitors who wish 
to do research at the Institute. The maximum length of a fellowship is six 
months. Normally a fellowship pays €1800 gross income per month (approx. 
€1500 net income).

Successful applicants will not normally reside in Vienna already.

The application procedure is as follows:

(1)  Applicants send the following documents 
to office.wienerkreis@univie.ac.at -- by the deadline of November 
11th 2022:

     a.  CV with list of publications

     b.  Exposé of the research to be undertaken during the fellowship

     c.  Certificates of academic degrees

(2) Applicants arrange that two letters of recommendation are sent 
to office.wienerkreis@univie.ac.at, by November 11st 2022.

(3) The heads of the IVC consider the applicants together with current 
members of the IVC.

(4) The heads of the IVC, together with the Dean, decide on the basis of 
the application papers and the consultation.

(5)  Applicants are informed about the success or failure of their 

We expect the IVC fellows to

- be present in Vienna during the fellowship period; 

- give a research talk at one of the IVC colloquium;

- write a short written report about the research done at the IVC during 
their stay.

The on-going Covid-19 pandemic might make it difficult for us to guarantee 
all fellows full-time office space.
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