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Auckland 2002 and Louisiana November 2001 (fwd)



17th "Summer" Conference on Topology and Applications

              The University of Auckland
                      New Zealand

                     1-4 July 2002

Invited Speakers
The following mathematicians have accepted invitations:
  * Alexander Arhangelskii
  * Paul Gartside
  * Michael Megrelishvili
  * Sidney Morris
  * Tsugunori Nogura
  * Peter Nyikos
  * Vladimir V. Uspenskij
  * Others pending

Workshop Lectures
There will be a workshop on metric and measurable spaces 
by Jeff Cheeger (to be confirmed)

Special Sessions
  * Applications to Computer Science
  * Dynamical Systems
  * Function Spaces
  * Set Theoretic Topology
  * Topological Groups and Their Actions

Note that the conference is to be held in the Southern
Hemisphere where it is winter in July. This means that such
winter activities as skiing are at the top of the list of
activities. A recent survey of Ski Resorts of the world put
New Zealand Ski resorts at the second least expensive. There
are other tourist activities available too: a geothermal
area with geysers, amazing terraces and boiling mud pools;
a volcanic island on the edge of the city; a bird sanctuary
island; spectacular beaches; rainforest.  Some participants 
may also be interested in the International Conference on 
Mathematics Education to be held in Auckland the following 

On a typical winter's day in Auckland the temperature should 
reach up to 13 or 14C, between 55 and 60F, while at night it
may drop to 7 or 8C, the mid 40's F. Some rain is possible:
however, it has not snowed in Auckland since 1976.

A website has been set up for the conference. The address is
Alternatively, the site 
will shortly be updated to refer to the 2002 conference.


Thirty-Second Annual Lloyd Roeling/
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Mathematics Conference

Topic:          Topology   
Dates:          November 2-4, 2001 
Location:       Lafayette, Louisiana

Host:           Department of Mathematics
                University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Pat Gilmer     Cameron Gordan
Gary Gruenhage  Tom Ingram 
Jimmie Lawson  Wayne Lewis 
Sergio Macias  Sam Nadler
Jim Rogers     Carl Seaquist 

Please come and join us for our Thirty-Second Annual Lloyd
Roeling/ University of Louisiana at Lafayette Mathematics
Conference.  **Topology** will be the topic for the conference, the
first in this series in this new millennium.  Our conference
will be held from Friday November 2 through Sunday November 4.
The first talk will be held early Friday afternoon and we will
finish the last talk early in the afternoon on Sunday.  Our
conferences are usually quite enjoyable with good mathematics
and good Cajun food and Cajun dancing. We will host a dinner on
Friday night at a seafood restaurant and our usual shrimp boil
on Saturday night.  A schedule and information on hotels will be
sent out at the beginning of the fall semester.  There is no
pre-registration and no registration fee.

If you have any questions, please contact Thelma West at