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(Senior) Lectureship in Trusted AI (applications from logicians welcome), Glasgow (Scotland), Deadline: 23 Oct 2022

Dear friends,

The Department of Computer and Information Sciences at the University of
Strathclyde, Glasgow, is currently advertising permanent positions at
the Lecturer or Senior Lecturer level (Assistant and Associate Professor 
respectively in American English) with an initial five-year reduced teaching 


The application deadline is *Sunday 23 October 2022*.

You will see that the ad asks for expertise connected with Trusted AI
and Data Analytics, but this should be understood broadly. In
particular, we believe that type theory, category theory and logic are 
excellent technologies for establishing trust, and the Mathematically 
Structured Programming group welcomes applications from type theorists, 
dependently typed programmers, category theorists, and logicians; we would be 
happy to help you develop an application. Please contact Head of Department and 
fellow category theorist Neil Ghani <neil.ghani@strath.ac.uk> if you are 
interested, or of course me or anyone else from the group if you have 
questions. (I'm employed as a Chancellor's Fellow, so would be happy to share 
my experience of this particular position.)

You can find our group website at http://msp.cis.strath.ac.uk/ .

For opportunities to join us at more senior levels (Reader and Professor), 
please contact Neil Ghani directly. We also have an opening for our next Head 
of Department!


Best wishes,
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