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Postdoctoral position on Hardware Verification via Model Learning, London (England), Deadline: 15 Oct 2022

Postdoc Position on Hardware Verification via Model Learning,
Royal Holloway University of London -- Application deadline 15 Oct 2022

- Application deadline: Midnight, 15 Oct 2022
- Salary: £37,467
- Duration: until November 2023

Applications are invited for the post of Post-Doctoral Research Assistant 
in the Computer Science Department at Royal Holloway, University of 

The post holder will have an exciting opportunity to work on the 
EPSRC-funded "Verification of Hardware Concurrency via Model Learning" 
(CLeVer) project (EP/S028641/1), led by Prof. Alexandra Silva 
(UCL/Cornell) and Matteo Sammartino (RHUL), in collaboration with ARM, 
world-leading designer of multi-core chips.

For an informal discussion about the post, please contact Dr. Matteo 
Sammartino on matteo.sammartino@rhul.ac.uk.

# Brief description of the project

Digital devices are increasingly complex, therefore there is a pressing 
need to automate the assessment of their correctness. Formal verification 
provides highly effective techniques to assess the correctness of systems. 
However, formal models are usually built by humans, and as such can be 
error-prone and inaccurate.

The project aims to develop a novel verification framework for hardware, 
which combines learning, testing and model-checking. Not all models are 
suitable for this purpose and hence specific classes of models will need 
to be developed, depending on the task at hand. Subsequently, learning and 
verification techniques for these classes need to be devised and tested in 
realistic case studies. We have an industrial partner, ARM, that will 
provide valuable guidance on the design and development of the 
aforementioned tasks.

# The ideal candidate

We are looking for candidates with a PhD in one of the following areas: 
model-based testing and verification, model learning, automated analysis 
of hardware systems. Experience in multiple areas will be valued. 
Candidates ideally should also have strong programming skills.

# Where to apply


Matteo Sammartino, Lecturer
Royal Holloway University of London
Department of Computer Science
Tel.: (+44) (0) 1784 44 3690
Office: 2-07, Bedford Building
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