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Online conference celebrating Istvan Nemeti's 80th birthday, Virtual

15-17 Sep 2022

Dear All,

István Németi is turning to be 80 this year, and we are organizing an 
online conference celebrating his birthday. The event will be online, and 
it will take place from 15  to 17 of September 2022 (from 15:00 to 19:00 
Central European Summer Time, CEST). Each day will focus on a theme of 
István's main research topics in the following order

Day 1: Algebraic Logic,
Day 2: Relativity Theory,
Day 3: Methodology of Science.

For a detailed program, see the webpage of the conference 

Participating in the online conference is free of charge, but registration 
is required. You can register via the following form: 

Deadline for registration is: 12 September 2022

Best regards,
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