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Call for bids: DEON 2023, Deadline: 1 Sep 2022

The DEON steering committee invites proposals to organize the 2023 (16th) 
edition of DEON, the International Conference on Deontic logic and Normative 

The local organizers will be working with the PC chairs to manage the 
conference. Proposals should be emailed to me ultimately September 1st, 2022 
and should provide the following information:

- A deontic logic related, timely theme for the 2023 edition

- The organizing committee

- An initial budget, including an estimate of the registration fees

- Possible or intended dates for the conference

- A brief description of the venue, with available rooms and facilities (e.g. 
for making the conference hybrid)

- Whether additional or co-located events are intended

Please send me an email for clarifications or further information.

best regards,

- Jan Broersen, Chair of the DEON steering committee

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