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Postdoctoral position on nested data, Oxford (England)

Dear all,

I have a postdoc position at Oxford available:


The ideal fit would be for a project with Milos Nikolic at Edinburgh on 
nested data. Don't be scared if you don't know what nested data is, or if 
it has a frighteningly applied ring to it! The project is quite broad. For 
theory, see the POPL 2021 https://dl.acm.org/doi/10.1145/3434295

This part of the project relates to interpolation/Beth definability,  
including ongoing work with Pierre Pradic at Swansea and Christoph 
Wernhard at Dresden. Background in proof theory or model theory (not 
necessarily both) would be necessary.

On the applied side, the project relates to the Trance system, which we 
have overviewed at VLDB (e.g) 
http://www.vldb.org/pvldb/vol14/p2727-benedikt.pdf (related to query 

and to a paper on applications to bio: 

Milos Nikolic also has a PDRA position on the grant; for someone who wants 
to work more on the system side, we could discuss whether Oxford or 
Edinburgh is the best fit.

The PDRA position could also fit a researcher with a background relevant to 
other topics under investigation
at Oxford, particularly:
--  neuro-symbolic reasoning (joint work with Zsolt Zombori),
-- embedded finite model theory (includes joint work with Udi Hrushovski and 
joint work with Anthony Lin), 
-- decidable fragments of first-order logics (includes joint work with Boris 
Motik and joint work with Tony

The projected start date for the post is Sept 22, which I know is quite 
soon; but there is flexibility on that.  If you know anyone who might be 
interested, please forward; also happy to discuss with anyone who wants to 
drill down on the workplan.

Michael Benedikt
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