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CL 2022: Colloquium Logicum

26-28 Sep 2022
Konstanz, Germany

                COLLOQUIUM LOGICUM 2022

     *26-28 September 2022, Konstanz, Germany*

  Abstract Submission deadline: July 7 2022

The Colloquium Logicum is organized every two years by the "Deutsche
Vereinigung fuer Mathematische Logik und fuer Grundlagenforschung der
Exakten Wissenschaften" (DVMLG). Due to the global pandemic, the 2020
edition had to be cancelled and is now held with two years delay as
Colloquium Logicum 2022 at the Universität Konstanz from *26 to 28
September 2022*. The conference will cover the whole range of mathematical
logic and the foundations of the exact sciences.

Keynote Speakers.

* Laurent Bienvenu (Bordeaux, France)
* Olivier Bournez (Palaiseau, France)
* Wesley Holliday (Berkeley CA, U.S.A.)
* Christian Ikenmeyer (Liverpool, England)
* Angeliki Koutsoukou-Argyraki (Cambridge, England)
* Philipp Lücke (Barcelona, Spain)
* Margaret Thomas (West Lafayette IN, U.S.A.)

In addition to the keynote talks, there will be a "PhD Colloquium" with invited
presentations of excellent recent PhD graduates.

The programme committee invites the submission of abstracts for talks in
all fields of research covered by the DVMLG. Abstracts should have between
100 and 500 words and are to be submitted via the easychair submission


The submission deadline is July 7 2022

Authors will be notified about acceptance soon after that.

Programme Committee. C. Antos, M. Carl, D. Cenzer, E. Fokina, I. Halupczok, D.
Klein, S. Kuhlmann (chair), Ø. Linnebo, B. Löwe, M. Ziegler.

The Colloquium Logicum *2022* is generously funded by the Deutsche
Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG-grant LO 834/19-1). If you have any questions,
please contact us by email at




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