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RulEML+RR 2022: Rules & Reasoning, Berlin & Virtual

26-28 Sep 2022

               RuleML+RR 2022

26th-28th September in Berlin & on-line, Germany
(part of DeclarativeAI and co-located with DecisionCAMP and the 18th Reasoning
Web Summer School)

The RuleML+RR 2022 conference is part of the event “Declarative AI: Rules,
Reasoning, Decisions, and Explanations” and is co-located with DecisionCAMP 2022
and the Reasoning Web Summer School. It features the RuleChallenge and a
Doctoral Consortium as associated events.
The 6th International Joint Conference on Rules and Reasoning (RuleML+RR 2022)
is the leading international joint conference in the field of rule-based
reasoning. One of the main goals of RuleML+RR is to build bridges between
academia and industry in the area of semantic reasoning. See
https://2022.declarativeai.net/ .  We are looking for high-quality papers
related to theoretical advances, novel technologies, and artificial intelligence
applications that involve rule-based representation and reasoning.

Important dates for the RuleML+RR conference
* May 24th: Title and abstract submission
* June 2nd: Paper submission deadline
* August 1st: Notification of acceptance
* September 26th-28th: Conference

The confirmed keynote speakers for RuleML+RR are:
Ian Horrocks (University of Oxford),
Torsten Schaub (University of Potsdam),
Christian de Saint Marie (IBM France), and
Paul Vincent (Industry Analyst)

RuleML+RR 2022 Programm Chairs
* Guido Governatori, Brisbane, Australia (gvdgdo@gmail.com)
* Anni-Yasmin Turhan,  Dresden University of Technology, Germany

RuleML+RR welcomes research from all areas of Rules and Reasoning.
The topics of the conference include, but are not limited to:

### Ontology/Semantic Web
* Vocabularies, ontologies, and business rules
* Ontology-based mediated query answering
* Rules for knowledge graphs and ontology learning
* Rule-based data integration
* Data management and data interoperability for web data
* Distributed agent-based systems for the web

### Rules for AI  and AI for Rules
* Rule-based approaches to natural language processing
* Applications of rule technologies with explainable AI (xAI) elements
* Machine learning approaches involving rules
* Explainable AI approaches based on rules,
* Rule-based approaches for intelligent systems and intelligent information

### Rules and Reasoning / Logics
* Non-classical logics and the web
* Description Logics, existential rules
* Higher-order and modal rules
* Constraint programming
* Logic programming, ASP and datalog
* Rule based argumentation
* Rule-based approaches to agents and multi-agent systems
* Reasoning with incomplete, inconsistent and uncertain data
* Non-monotonic, common-sense, and closed-world reasoning
* Inconsistency-tolerant rule reasoning

### Technical Aspects of Rule Systems / Rule Technology
* Streaming data and complex event processing
* Web reasoning and distributed rule inference and execution
* Scalability and expressive power of logics for the Semantic Web
* Scalability and expressive power of logics for rules

### Rules and Interoperability
* Rule markup languages, rule interchange formats, and rule standards
* Rule-based policies, reputation, and trust
* Rules and human language technology

### System descriptions, applications and experiences of ontologies and rules
* climate change monitoring, mitigation & adaptation
* environmental protection
* healthcare and life sciences
* equity and social welfare
* law, regulation, and finance
* Digital Twins
* Industrial contexts
* Production & business rule systems
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