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"Trends in Arithmetic Theories"

4 Jul 2022
Paris, France

An ICALP 2022 satellite workshop "Trends in Arithmetic Theories" will take
place on Monday 4 July 2022 in Paris, France (in person):


Logical theories of arithmetic such as Presburger arithmetic play an
important role in a variety of different areas of computer science and
have been studied since the early days of the field. The recent years have
seen a lot of progress on all aspects of such theories, ranging from new
foundational results, algorithmic advances, more performant decision
procedures to novel application domains. This progress has largely been
obtained independently without much interaction between researchers
working on different aspects of this field. The goal of this workshop is
to bring together researchers working in the field to exchange latest
trends, understand currently existing challenges and to initiate new

Everyone interested in arithmetic theories is invited to attend.
This will be an in-person workshop, but we hope to livestream talks and
plan to make them available online after the event has taken place.


milie Charlier (Universit de Lige, Belgium)
Philipp Hieronymi (University of Bonn, Germany)
Roberto Sebastiani (Universit di Trento, Italy)
Thomas Sturm (Loria Nancy, France & MPI for Informatics, Germany)
Sven Verdoolaege (Cerebras Systems, Belgium)

Programme and registration:

In addition to invited talks, we plan to include an introductions-type
session in the programme to give all attendees an opportunity to get to
know each other.

Please register for the workshop through the main ICALP registration:


We're also thinking about a workshop dinner, on Sunday evening
before the event.

Workshop organisers:

Dmitry Chistikov (U. Warwick)
Christoph Haase (U. Oxford)
Alessio Mansutti (U. Oxford)
Jonathan Tanner (U. Oxford)


This workshop receives support through the ERC project ARiAT.

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Programming, the main conference and annual meeting of the European
Association for Theoretical Computer Science (EATCS).
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