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JOWO 2022: Joint Ontology Workshops

15-19 Aug 2022
Joenkoeping, Sweden

-- Call for participation --

*The Joint Ontology Workshops (JOWO'22)---- Episode VIII: The Svear Summer
of Ontology ----*
15-19th of August 2022
Jönköping, Sweden
Link to IAOA's official JOWO website <http://iaoa.org/jowo/>
Link to JU's event website

*--- The workshops and tutorials are presented at the end ---*

Every year researchers from areas like philosophy, computer
science, linguistics, conceptual modelling and cognitive science gather to
participate in a series of workshops and tutorials related to ontology. The
event is The Joint Ontology Workshops (JOWO), an interdisciplinary
umbrella conference centred on research in and application of ontologies.
Biyearly, JOWO is co-located with FOIS, but being a large enough event on
its own, every other year, JOWO is a freestanding event. The conference
series' continuity is maintained by The International Association for
Ontology and its Applications (IAOA) <https://iaoa.org/>, a non-profit
organization aiming to promote interdisciplinary research and international
collaboration in formal ontology.

Due to its unique format, JOWO offers an inspiring platform in which
participants can engage with new knowledge in tutorials, present their own
innovative findings in workshops, explore new research collaborations from
nearby disciplines and network with researchers and practitioners at the
event's social program. With seven previous episodes, the conference series
has become a regular event on many people's yearly "must-join" lists!

This year's venue is the mid-sized Swedish city of Jönköping. A city for
nature lovers, it is beautifully located at one of Sweden's biggest lakes,
Vättern, and is surrounded by lush forests, hilly hiking trails and even
has a perfectly smooth yellow sand beach (for real!). JOWO itself will take
place at Jönköping University's modern facilities located close to the city

Following JOWO tradition, this year's episode "The Svear Summer of
Ontology" will be filled with interesting workshops, educational tutorials,
impressive keynote speakers and a not-to-miss social program! At the end of
this promotion email, you will find short introductions to this year's
three tutorials and eight participating workshops.

JOWO's scientific program is based on individual workshop submissions.
Check out the links to the JOWO workshop below and consider submitting your
research to join the summer's hottest ontology event! Information on how to
submit your papers to one of the workshops can be found on the individual
workshop's website.

Stay tuned! More information on this year's unique program and how you can
register is underway!
We look forward to seeing you at JOWO in Jönköping in August!
Local organisers,
Maria Hedblom, Karl Hammar and Tan He

*--- JOWO'22 tutorials ---*

*Generating text from Ontologies in Multiple Languages
<http://www.meteck.org/MoReNL/NLGOntologiesTutorialJOWO22.html>*Maria Keet
and Zola Mahlaza

*Shortened abstract:* Tutorial on the basics of knowledge-to-text
methodology with ontologies. It includes creating templates for different
types of axioms and for different purposes, applying them to an ontology of
choice (BYO) and one from the pre-selected ones, and how to examine
evaluations of ontology verbalisation.

*Implementing better Ontologies with gUFO*Tiago Prince Sales, Joao Paolo A.
Almeida, Giancarlo Guizzardi

*Shortened abstract:* In this tutorial, we will introduce the core
ontological commitments of the Unified Foundational Ontology, discuss how
they were ported to gUFO, and demonstrate how to create domain ontologies
with gUFO using Protegé.

*Knowledge Graphs Tutorial*
Tan He

*Shortened abstract: *Knowledge graphs have emerged as the latest instance
of using graphs for representing and reasoning over data and knowledge. In
the tutorial, participants will get hands-on experience on how to model,
represent, construct and use knowledge graphs by using the Semantic Web
standards and technologies.

*--- JOWO'22 workshops ---*
*CAOS VI: The workshop on Cognition And OntologieS
Guendalina Righetti, Maria M. Hedblom, Oliver Kutz

*Shortened abstract:* CAOS aims to bridge the gap between cognitive science
and formal methods. The interdisciplinary workshop accepts submissions from
any discipline aiming to formally model cognitive phenomena.

*Energy and Sustainability Ontology Workshop
<https://ensusto.github.io/jowo2022/>*Martin Glauer, Janna Hastings, Till
Mossakowski, Fabian Neuhaus

*Shortened abstract: *Energy, and sustainability more broadly, are
increasingly relevant topics in the context of the climate crisis and a
rapidly changing world. This workshop focuses on the development of
ontologies for these domains as well as applications in which such
ontologies are used.

*First Workshop on Formal Models of Knowledge Diversity
<https://sites.google.com/unimib.it/fmkd/home-page>*Lucia Gomez Alvarez,
Rafael Penaloza, Srdjan Vesic

*Shortened abstract:* This workshop intends to create a space of confluence
and a forum for discussion for researchers interested in knowledge
diversity in a wide sense, including diverging perspectives, different
beliefs, semantic heterogeneity and others.

*FOUST VI : The workshop on Foundational Ontology
<https://foust.inf.unibz.it/>*Claudenir M. Fonseca, Jona Thai, Oliver Kutz
and Stefano Borgo

*Shortened abstract: *The purpose of this workshop is to provide a forum
for researchers to present work on specific foundational ontologies as well
as foundational ontologies in general and their relations to each other and
to the wider ontological enterprise.

*IFOW: The Integrated Food Ontology Workshop
<https://foodon.org/ifow-2022-workshop/>*Damion Dooley, Rhiannon Cameron,
Lauren Chan, Duccio Cavalieri, Robert Warren, Hande McGinty, Matthew Lange,
Fernanda Dorea, Jaspreet Ahuja

*Shortened abstract: *This workshop seeks to define the coverage of the
different ecological, agricultural, nutritional, dietary, public health,
one health surveillance, food security, and trade domains that food-related
ontologies are modelling, and the use of data translation tools for
bringing legacy data into the ontology fold.

*Ontologies for Social Services (OSS) <https://csse.utoronto.ca/oss2022>*Bart
Gajderowicz, Daniela Rozu, Janna Hastings

*Shortened abstract: *The purpose of the OSS workshop is to foster
communication and strengthen interdisciplinary work at the intersection of
semantic technologies and social services. We welcome reports from Social
Work practitioners on their experiences using semantic-enabled
technologies, best practices, and insights.

*RobOntics: Ontologies for Autonomous Robotics
<https://robontics2022.github.io/>*Mihai Pomarlan, Mohammed Diab, Stefano
Borgo, Alberto Olivares-Alarcos, Daniel Beßler, Robert Porzel, Aldo Gangemi

*Shortened abstract: *Many research projects, motivated by applications in
healthcare assistance, logistics, autonomous driving etc, aim to bring
robots out of the lab and into realistic human environments. This workshop
focuses on how ontologies can advance robotics research within these areas.

*WOODD: Workshop on Ontologies for the Disaster Domain
<https://shirlysteph.github.io/woodd-jowo22/>*Shirly Stephen, Rui Zhu,
Cogan Shimizu

*Shortened abstract: *There is an increasing interest in semantically
integrating diverse and heterogeneous hazard data sets, along with
representing hazard information in knowledge graphs. However, there are
still significant deficiencies in state-of-the-art ontologies that can
represent and connect hazard data across independent sources and variant
schemas. This workshop aims to address this research gap.
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