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FORMALS 2022: Formal Reasoning & Semantics, Dubrovnik (Croatia) & Virtual

26-29 Sep 2022

FORMALS 2022: Formal Reasoning and Semantics

26-29 Sep 2022
Dubrovnik, Croatia *AND* virtual


Co-located with the 11th conference Logic and Applications (LAP 2022)


Submission deadline: 15 June 2022

The 5th workshop Formal Reasoning and Semantics will be held at the
Center Dubrovnik <https://iuc.hr/> (IUC), as a part of the 11th
conference Logic
and Applications <http://imft.ftn.uns.ac.rs/math/cms/LAP2022> (LAP 2022)
26-29 September 2022. Virtual participation is also possible. The workshop
is organized within the research project Formal Reasoning and Semantics
(FORMALS) supported by Croatian Science Foundation (HRZZ), UIP-2017-05-9219.

We have several 30 min slots available for contributed talks. All
contributions which broadly fit the main goal of the project – mutual
enrichment of pure and applied logic – are welcome, including, but not
limited to, specific project topics listed below.

The emphasis of the project is on applications of logic in computer
science, and vice versa, the application of computational tools in logical
and mathematical research. Another goal is to apply logic to specific
problems of linguistics or, more generally, cognitive and information
sciences, as well as interdisciplinary areas in which economics and
mathematics overlap (game theory, social choice theory).

The theoretical aspects of the project include:
1) exploring the expressive power of formal languages by methods of model
2) soundness and completeness, decidability and complexity of formal
systems, in particular modal logics
3) exploring the possibilities of developing an abstract theory of formal

Application aspects are:
1) development, research and formalization of mathematical models for
problems of other disciplines
2) development and implementation of algorithms
3) detection of links between seemingly unrelated domains through related

Participants need to be registered for the main conference LAP 2022.
Registration details will be made available soon on the conference website.

Authors should submit an abstract in LaTeX format, not exceeding three
pages, to tin.perkov[at]ufzg.hr with the subject FORMALS 2022.


Tin Perkov, Tajana Ban Kirigin, Marcel Maretic, Benedikt Perak, Luka Mikec,
Mandi Orlic Bachler, Nikolina Iris Filipovic, Aleksandar Hatzivelkos,
Sebastijan Horvat, Tin Adlesic, Stipe Maric, Teo Sestak
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