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CCA 2022: Computability & Complexity in Analysis, Virtual

23-25 May 2022

CCA2022 Call for Participation.

*Nineteenth International Conference on Computability and Complexity in 
Analysis (CCA 2022) May 23 – 25, 2022.** Virtual*

CCA2022 will be hosted virtually through zoom. To register, please go to 
the conference webpage https://www.arcadia.edu/cca2022. The registration 
is free and you will receive the zoom link after registration. The 
conference schedule and other related information are also available on 
the conference webpage.



     * Computable analysis
     * Complexity on real numbers
     * Constructive analysis
     * Domain theory and analysis
     * Effective descriptive set theory
     * Theory of representations
     * Computable numbers, subsets and functions
     * Randomness and computable measure theory
     * Models of computability on real numbers
     * Realizability theory and analysis
     * Reverse analysis
     * Weihrauch complexity
     * Real number algorithms
     * Implementation of exact real number arithmetic

*Invited Speakers*:

    - Verónica Becher (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
    - Jun Le Goh (Madison, USA)
    - Isaac Goldbring (Irvine, USA)
    - Daniel Graça (Faro, Portugal)
    - Vassils Gregoriades (Athens, Greece)
    - Elvira Mayordomo (Zaragoza, Spain)
    - Alexander Melnikov (Wellington, New Zealand)
    - Henry Towsner (Philadelphia, USA)

*Scientific Programme Committee*

    - Vasco Brattka, chair (Munich, Germany)
    - Douglas Cenzer (Gainesville, USA)
    - Cameron Freer (Boston, USA)
    - Mathieu Hoyrup (Nancy, France)
    - Zvonko Iljazović (Zagreb, Croatia)
    - Takayuki Kihara (Nagoya, Japan)
    - Ulrich Kohlenbach (Darmstadt, Germany)
    - Neil Lutz (Philadelphia, USA)
    - Timothy McNicholl (Ames, USA)
    - Svetlana Selivanova (Daejeon, Republic of Korea)

Organizing Committee

    - Vitaly Ford (Glenside, USA)
    - Emily Marshall (Glenside, USA)
    - Weihong Ni (Glenside, USA)
    - Xizhong Zheng, chair (Glenside, USA)

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