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ESSLLI 2022: Logic, Language, & Information

8-19 Aug 2022
Galway, Ireland


Registration is now open for the 33rd European Summer School in Logic, 
Language and Information (ESSLLI), taking place from 8-19 August, 2022 at 
the National University of Ireland Galway: https://2022.esslli.eu/


The European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI) is 
a yearly recurring event, organised under the auspices of the Association 
for Logic, Language and Information (FoLLI), and has been running since 
1989. The ESSLLI Summer School provides an interdisciplinary setting in 
which courses and workshops are offered in logic, linguistics and computer 
science, also from wider scientific, historical, and philosophical 

ESSLLI attracts around 400 participants from all parts of Europe, as well 
as from North and Latin America, and Asia. The ESSLLI has become the main 
meeting place for young researchers and students in logic, linguistics and 
computer science to discuss current research and to share knowledge. The 
event is unique in its interdisciplinary set-up, with no equivalents in 


The ESSLLI Summer School offers an exciting two-week programme, consisting of the following:
- Workshops in logic, linguistics and computer science
- Courses — foundational, introductory and advanced — in three areas: Language and Computation, Logic and Computation, and Logic and Language
- Student session
- Evening lectures
- Social activities


Registration for attendees, course lecturers, student session and workshop organisers and speakers is now open. Early registration is available until the 31st of May 2022; go to https://2022.esslli.eu/registration.html.

Theodorus Fransen
(On behalf of the ESSLLI 2022 organising committee)
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